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“Creating Elegance with YOU in Mind” is the heart of business owners Joyce Brandon and Loyce Shelley. Attentive to every detail of your spectacular event, these two ladies build their business on making sure you have the wedding or event that is remembered for a lifetime from the beginning to the end.


In existence since 1992 and now in Memphis, TN for the last eight years, these two hard-working, dedicated, sisters have devoted their lives to diligently working to make your dreams become a reality. Working for you is working with you to make your special day or event nothing less than perfect specializing in: Weddings, Bridal Showers, Baby Showers, Birthday Parties and MORE...


Walking into the vivacious events planned by these two gifted ladies that give heart to every detail is more than breath-taking. The weddings planned by far have touches of excellence, with the integrity of women who have devoted their lives to making others happy.



An experience from the confident planners is worth every moment it took to plan. Loyce and Joyce are intrigued by giving their best to each and every one they come in contact with no manner how large or small. They take your event to heart and to show the depth of how much your wedding or event means, these ladies have a policy that you may call them ANYTIME!


Imagine planners that treat your event as their own, imagine your dreams coming true, and imagine your dreams becoming a reality. The choice to be serviced like never before is yours.


Be sure to look into the professional, organized, customer service driven services that come in affordable packages from “Elegant Creations Weddings & Events, LLC. owned and operated by the amazing Joyce Brandon and Loyce Shelley.


Mrs. Loyce and Mrs. Joyce graced us with their presence just three days before our wedding. And not a moment too soon! I met these Godly women just a few months prior through my friend. I was instantly pulled to these ladies. Not only did they have the light of the Lord shining through them, they also had this graceful yet stern “ladies on a mission”, look in their eyes. I knew from the first moment I saw them, they were running the show.


The twins and I met 3 days before our wedding and it was made clear I was not ready at all! We began with a prayer, and let me just say, everything should start with prayer. Especially if Mrs. Loyce or Mrs. Joyce are praying! After 4 1⁄2 hours of spilling every detail and answering questions, I was consumed with a peace I had not known about since the planning process began. I knew they saw my vision and I trusted their heart and passion to see my vision through.

I completed my homework and emailed the twins the following morning with the directory of all those involved in our wedding. No sooner than I hit send, did I see the organization, communication, execution and strive for perfection that Mrs. Loyce and Mrs. Joyce exuberate. They work every event like it’s their last. I knew during our line up at rehearsal, God had blessed me with 2 angels who could move people like drill sergeants. “Time is money for the bride and groom people. Let’s do this right for them.” I loved it!

The wedding day called for rain. Every bride knows how I feel when I say that ugly statement; especially since we had an outdoor garden wedding. The twins said they rehearsed where the wedding would take place. If there was a chance of rain, they would assess and then make a decision for plan B. There was a big chance for rain, and a plan B was in the making. I expressed that I envisioned walking through that rose garden down to Robby, and no other vision, no plan B. I asked them to have faith and to let everyone else know; we were no longer mentioning the “R” word. With such compassion, the twins assured me, my dream day would not have a substitute location.

Our wedding day arrived. We made it! Robby and I woke up with texts messages from Mrs. Loyce and Mrs. Joyce that expressed such love, blessings, and well wishes for our future. “We were not to worry about a thing. They had it all covered”. Everyone had a task, everyone had a timeline, and the Twins had Bluetooth. What is better than one wedding coordinator? Having two wedding coordinators, who are sisters, of the faith and so smart to have a continuous line of communication. I knew that while Robby and I were getting ready with our bridal party, everything else was coming alive outside. The day called for rain, and the rain did come, but the twins worked around it! My bridesmaids would
cough loudly to mask the sound of thunder, as if I wouldn’t hear it. I sat while all my ladies walked out of the room to begin the ceremony. Mrs. Loyce told me to hold onto my phone, she would call me when it was time. I sat some more, fearing opening up a window. Then my phone
rang, “it’s time dear”. I walked out and it was as if the Lord breathed softly and the clouds disappeared and the sun appeared! It was more than what I imagined!

We glided through the ceremony, then pictures, then onto reception. What an event! Mrs. Loyce and Mrs. Joyce kicked off the party with such enthusiasm, and straight up Fun. There was never a dull moment, first dances, cake cutting, bouquet and garter tossing and then the dancing. I could not have done it without these two ladies. Our wedding went down without a hitch thanks to these two. Every soul at that party showed true joy on their face and that was just one of my favorite memories.

Thank you Mrs. Loyce and Mrs. Joyce for gifting us with your services. I will never be able to say it enough. Our wedding would have not been what it was without you and your team. We are forever grateful. God has truly blessed you with a talent of making dreams come true.

Robby & Cassie Walters

I hired these wonderful ladies to create my 50th birthday party. It turned out awesome!!!

Laverne Chisem Hines

Forget looking any further, you will be amazed at the commitment, dedication, and passion that these Ladies possess! They are faithful, dedicated and loyal to their clients. We are extremely pleased with all their work and would highly recommend their services to everyone who is considering employing them!!!!!!

Dave & Sirena Ziegler

We were introduced to Loyce and Joyce in February through our caterer who was also one of their clients. At this time, we were 4 months away from our date and EXHAUSTED! We had been planning on our own while also being college students and working multiple jobs. Our caterer saw how tired and frustrated we were and asked Loyce and Joyce if they could give us a consultation. About 5 minutes into our first meeting, I felt most of my stress melt away. It was just awesome to meet with this professional woman and her first question being "Can I pray first?" At that moment I knew that these ladies would be my wedding planners.

Not even a week later, they gave me suggestions on DJs, photographers, and cakes! Both ladies traveled with us to meet our photographer after they convinced him to meet with us on his off day. In those short 4 months they were able to make our dream a reality and they did it with Christ-like attitudes the entire time.

They were beyond helpful in the planning before the wedding, but the day of the wedding was another story. These women transformed into wonder women! They kept everything moving, everyone in their place, and even handled some drama with my bridesmaids; and had my wedding start exactly ON TIME! They did not stop working until we drove off in the limo and I'm sure they were still working after that. I couldn't have been blessed with a better set of wedding planners. We honestly see them as family now.

TiShawn & Christyn Polk

I remember the day very well I was talking to Loyce and telling her how stressed I was during this wedding planning process. Needless to say Loyce and Joyce stepped right in and made everything smooth and perfect. We don't know what we would have done without Elegant Creations for advice and their team to assure us our day would be perfect. It was one of the best days of our lives. Thank you Loyce and Joyce - we are forever grateful.

Chandar & Carlas Wilson


“Planning a wedding is a very stressful process, especially if the bride is not into planning a wedding. This was the case when it came to us. During the process of planning our wedding, I can say without a doubt that I was not stressed at all. Loyce and Joyce made sure that every thought, concern, worry, anything that I could think of was taken care of in regards to planning the wedding. They offered tons of wisdoms as if they were our older sisters trying to guide us through the process. They kept me uplifted spiritually and encouraged me at every turn. They were totally helpful and my now husband can attest to that. They were an absolute dream to work with on creating a perfect day. There have been many brides that have been totally stressed out and were bothered resulting in a bridezilla. With Loyce and Joyce’s guidance, I was able to avoid this faith, especially since they were available to us at any time (and I mean anytime). Elegant Creations provide us with a truly platinum wedding experience, while maintaining our budget. Loyce and Joyce also brought a team of excellent, professional vendors to work with as well. Our day was everything we wanted and more. Picking these professional and elegant ladies was truly a blessing to us.”

Delvit & Vanessa Rogers

"We would like to sincerely thank you both for everything you did to make our wedding day one of the happiest days of our lives!  We were very pleased with the professionalism and the spirit of excellence provided by you both.  Our wedding day was peaceful, exciting and stress free. Thank you for your encouragement and for making our wedding day memorable.  We are forever grateful."

William & Kristie Sturghill

“​We cannot put into words what Joyce and Loyce mean to us. We all started as strangers and now they will forever be a part of our family. Their loving spirits and complete professionalism were such a blessing to us throughout our wedding planning and it really showed on our wedding day! As with all weddings, we had several hiccups along the way. Joyce and Loyce never left our sides. When we didn’t know what to do, they counseled us. When we were spiritually drained, they lifted us up in prayer. When we weren’t sure if things would come together, they somehow made it work! They truly made miracles out of messes! Every one of our guests not only raved about how organized and beautiful our wedding was, but also about how they were truly touched by Joyce and Loyce’s glowing spirits. We are still having family and friends call and tell us how wonderful the day was and to share stories about how their lives were forever changed through the experience. We have even had a few people who weren’t at the wedding call to share what they had heard others saying about the wonderful time everyone had. Simply put, we could not have done it without these two ladies! We only wish that everyone could get a chance to experience a day like ours! God truly blessed us to have met Joyce and Loyce and may God keep blessing them to be a blessing to others! Love always. ”

Gerrod & Danielle Huggins

"What a team! The sisters Joyce and Loyce of Elegant Creations are the example by which so many others should follow. There are quite a few wedding planners and coordinators in this area, but I honestly do not believe that many of them realize that focus, organization, sternness, patience, softness and the ability to give wise, and sometimes unsolicited, counsel, are necessary to be all that is needed for the bride, groom and those walking closest with them as they prepare for their wedding. Joyce and Loyce embody all of these attributes, and because of this, along with the fact that they walk in steps ordered by the One whom has gifted them to be all of these things, they are elegant creations and all they touch becomes an elegant creation. The order they brought to our wedding day is unmatched and we cannot imagine that day going along as smoothly and efficiently as it did without them."


Kimberly & Thomas Perry

"First of all, it would not have been such a success without your help.  I am still amazed that we spoke one month before my wedding date when nothing was planned and my dream wedding was achieved.  Your support was (and still is) phenomenal.  You both showed great care and concern for us from the start and throughout the process.


You brought together all the necessary contacts to make our wedding and reception quite elegant and beautiful.  This included the caterer/decorator, drapery designer, harpist, photographer, videographer, hair makeup artist.  Then you engaged with vendors I had already selected to ensure all obligations were met.


Even though your detail in planning was wonderful, the real "prroof of your value" was at the rehearsal and on our wedding day.  We could not believe how timely and specifically you had planned the details of the wedding.  The rehearsal went of smoothly.  We loved the regal way the groomsmen and bridesmaids entered the church.  Your arrangement of the wedding party was unique and quite beautiful.


The next day when you told us to be at the church by 11:00am, we couldn't understand why so early.  But, we learned later when the wedding started on time and without a hitch.  Hindsight is 20/20 and we could not accomplish all that was necessary to start on time had we not followed your directions.  The wedding itself and the reception with its many "to do's" went smoothly and timely thanks to your detailed planning and execution.  We had no worries just the joy of the day.


Lastly, we appreciate the care and concern you both have shown since the wedding.  You did not just "get us married and leave."  You followed up to make sure all was well with us and any subsequent vendor issues.


You were invaluable.  We truly thank you for helping make our dream come true."

Tonia & Michael Adams

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